Our Approach

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Our Approach

We understand that the needs of the travelling students are individual and special and each and every one of the students’ needs are continually assessed. For each School to which we transport we appoint a dedicated contract manager to oversee special requirements are met.

Drivers and assistants are allocated a route on a permanent basis and meet with students and parents/carers prior to the start of the term so they can get to know them and work out how best to resolve any potential issues. This all helps with a smooth transition.

At the same time we ensure that our staff are comfortable with the time schedule, and that any client issues and staff training needs are catered for. In addition the contract manager will speak to every parent/carer as a follow up to the driver and escorts meeting. Additional drivers and passenger assistants are employed during the early stages of a contract to ensure smooth running and that alterations can be made swiftly if necessary.

A code of practice in case of student illness whilst travelling forms a part of our safeguarding policy. In case of serious illness an ambulance will be called, the parent, School and the Passenger Transport will be informed Sometimes student numbers and pick up points will alter. In that case the routes are rescheduled to ensure that the on vehicle time is kept to a minimum.

The relevant School and Passenger Transport authority is always asked to sanction any proposed change and we liaise with the school to ensure we keep changes to a minimum. However at all times the students’ needs are uppermost in our minds.

We ensure that all of our staff are aware of the need for first class customer service and diplomacy. They are aware of the need for tolerance and aware of the pitfalls of advising or engaging with the students. As a company we are very aware of the safeguarding issues of young children and take our responsibilities very seriously.

Sometimes for unavoidable operational reasons it is necessary to have a relief driver. All relief drivers and escorts are introduced to the students via the regular escort on school grounds. Parents/carers are informed prior to any change in staff whether permanent or temporary allowing them time to prepare the student for the change.

Parents/carers have day to day communication with the company via the driver and escort. The parents/carers also have access via a mobile phone number to the contract manager as well as having the ability to contact the Company’s office.

Our drivers receive training over and above legal requirements. This includes training in defensive driving techniques, sign language courses for all staff involved with students who have speech difficulties and awareness courses for autism, ADHD, aspergers and epilepsy training.

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ABC Travel is the largest operator in Reading & Wokingham for School Transport. All our staff are safe guard trained and enhanced DBS cleared
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